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Barbara Mulvaney has my enthusiastic endorsement in the race to replace the retiring Honorable Henry Waxman in California's 33rd Congressional district. Increased Congressional stupidity and intentional gridlock require the brilliance and tenacity that Henry gave us for years combined with the fierce independence of a non-politician -- Barbara Mulvaney. Give a real look at her life and career and you will know that she must be our Representative in Washington.

I have known Barbara Mulvaney all her life. I was friends with her mother and watched Barbara grow up in Playa del Rey and Venice while our families played together on the beaches and climbed in the mountains of Southern California. For her, the protection of the most vulnerable in humanity and nature marked the beginning of a decent society rather than the end. She started fighting for human rights and the protection of animals as a little girl. Once she matured and mastered law she did admirable work as a prosecutor in Florida under Janet Reno and in New Mexico under Tom Udall. 

But her international work as a human rights attorney has been nothing short of heroic. Barbara Mulvaney moved to Tanzania and spent years investigating and prosecuting the perpetrators of the Rwandan genocide, and for the first time in history war criminals were convicted of rape. Not content to rest with those laurels and come safely home, she then worked on Rule of Law, Gender and Human Rights in Iraq - at times under rocket attack by insurgents - while she worked for the State Department at the US Embassy in Baghdad. 
Please join me in supporting this exceptional, powerful, dedicated candidate, Barbara Mulvaney for Congress.

-Pat Russell
the first woman to serve on the Los Angeles City Council and
the fourth woman to be City Council President


"I am proud to have worked for Barbara Mulvaney in 2003 at the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. Barbara was a dedicated, effective prosecutor, as tough on suspected perpetrators of genocide and other atrocities as she was compassionate towards witnesses and victims of such heinous offenses. She was an inspiring supervisor and continues to be an encouraging mentor. I believe that Barbara will bring the same vision, dedication, collegiality, and passion she exhibited in the international war crimes courtroom to the U.S. Congress."

-Zachary D. Kaufman
legal academic, political scientist,
and social entrepreneur




"Barbara's passion for justice and leadership was manifested in her rolse as lead prosecutor for the trial of Théoneste Bagosora, chief architect of the Rwandan Genocide. She would bring that passion for justice and leadership to representing her constituents in congress."

-Gregory S. Gordon
Associate Professor of Law



I had the honor of working as the United States Forces - Iraq Liaison Officer to the Political Section of the United States Embassy in Iraq where I met Barbara as she worked on Rule of Law and Women's issues in Iraq. Her tireless efforts on behalf of those most vulnerable led directly to defining
our policies. By improving the expertise of Iraqi judges and legislators through training and advising, often at great personal risk and under what were even daily rocket attacks on the Embassy, Barbara never wavered. She faced the same threats those of us in the military endured, and she was completely unarmed. Barbara will carry the values of selfless service and
courage to Congress for the people of the 33rd District.

-Bajun Mavalwalla
US Army Captain (ret.) and
Owner of Nebula Group USA, LLC



"I was privileged to work alongside Barbara at the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office and was immediately impressed by her intelligence and passion for her work pursuing justice in criminal cases ranging from child abuse to political corruption. She began the first statewide discussion of how to address the issue of violence against women and laid the foundation for all of the programs that have been initiated since that time.  In later years, I watched with admiration and pride as she took on genociders in Rwanda on behalf of the United Nations, and the complex judicial system in Iraq for the State Department. Her contagious enthusiasm and fierce work ethic uniquely qualify her to deal with intransigent bureaucracies in Washington D.C."

-Kay CordtzPrincipal Media and Communications Specialist at Brookhaven National Lab
and former Communications Director for the New Mexico 
Attorney General



"Barbara Mulvaney has the heart of a humanist, the mind of a realist, and the know-how needed to get things done. Congress badly needs people like Mulvaney to get America moving again."

Peter Eichstaedt, Global Issues Journalist