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  • The Young Turks Debate Recap

    Post date: May 15 2014

    Today, the radio show Take Two on KPCC discussed The Young Turks debate that was held on May 10. You can listen to the recap by clicking this link. Jump to time 2:06 to hear the recap of Barbara's part of the debate.

  • A crowded ballot makes for crowded debates in Westside Congressional race

    Post date: May 12 2014

    In a sea of candidates, how can one politician stand out from the crowd? The solution: debates and commercials — both of which voters got to see this weekend in the race to fill Congressman Henry Waxman's Westside seat. 

    Waxman is retiring after four decades in office and there are 17 candidates trying to succeed him. A dozen of them participated in a debate Saturday sponsored by The Young Turks online news network. Questions ranged from transportation in Los Angeles to intervention in Iran. 

  • Can anyone fill Henry Waxman's shoes?

    Post date: May 12 2014

    The cliche of Westside politics is that they're soft — arguments about human rights over bowls of kale chips on the verandas of mansions. There's a nugget of truth in that, but politics on the Westside also play out in suburban community centers, union meeting halls and political klatches along Lincoln Boulevard, as I recently saw while reporting on the campaign to succeed legendary congressman Henry Waxman.



    Post date: May 06 2014

    Abigail T. Anderson, Esq. / Barbara Mulvaney for Congress / 310.220.9535

    May 6, 2014      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

    The abduction of over 280 young women in Nigeria is a tragedy reflective of the global war on women. The Boko Haram is carrying out the present kidnapping with frightening structure and method, which I recognize as a broad pattern.

  • Fundraising may narrow field for Henry Waxman's House seat

    Post date: May 01 2014

    Most observers give three well-known, well-funded Democrats and a Democratic-leaning author the best chances in the June 3 primary for the longtime congressman's seat. But there are many other possibilities.

    Attorney Barbara Mulvaney prosecuted killers in Rwanda and promoted democracy for the U.S. State Department in Iraq before returning to Los Angeles and running for Congress.

  • LIVE BLOG: Candidates to replace Waxman face off and CA-33 forum

    Post date: Apr 28 2014

    I'm at the University Synagogue on Sunset Blvd. in West Los Angeles for the first candidate forum for the 33rd congressional district--the district that retiring Rep. Henry Waxman (D) has represented for forty years. 

    There are eighteen candidates in this Democratic Party stronghold--10 Democrats, 3 Republicans, one Libertarian, one Green, and three independents. This is the first time that all will have appeared on the same stage.

  • 17 candidates for Waxman's seat compete for spotlight at 2-hour forum

    Post date: Apr 28 2014

    On the biggest political stage of the election season in California, the 17 candidates competing to succeed Rep. Henry Waxman struggled to stand out Sunday at a forum that was long on issues and short on time.

  • The Real House Candidates of Beverly Hills

    Post date: Apr 24 2014

    Brent Roske lives on a 45-foot yacht off the coast of Marina del Rey, which is technically on the Pacific Ocean, but for jurisdictional purposes is considered part of the city of Los Angeles and, more to the point, the 33rd Congressional District of California. In January, Henry Waxman, the liberal stalwart who has represented the district with little resistance since the year after Roske was born, announced that he would not seek re-election.

  • Barbara Endorsed by Pat Russell

    Post date: Apr 23 2014

    Barbara endorsed by Pat Russell:

    Barbara Mulvaney has my enthusiastic endorsement in the race to replace the retiring Honorable Henry Waxman in California's 33rd Congressional district. Increased Congressional stupidity and intentional gridlock require the brilliance and tenacity that Henry gave us for years combined with the fierce independence of a non-politician -- Barbara Mulvaney. Give a real look at her life and career and you will know that she must be our Representative in Washington.

  • Homenetmen Ararat Hosts Red Poppy: An Armenian Genocide Commemoration

    Post date: Apr 21 2014

    GLENDALE—More than 400 community members joined a slew of dignitaries and the Homenetmen Glendale Ararat chapter in commemorating the Armenian Genocide during the Red Poppy Visual Interactive Forum on April 12 and 13 at the Ararat chapter headquarters.